Jealous Of Your Neighbor's Green Grass?

Improve your yard with lawn aeration services in Evansville, IN

Your house stands out from other homes along the street, but for all the wrong reasons. The brown grass in your front yard is causing neighbors to turn heads and bringing down your property's curb appeal. When you're tired of having the worst lawn on the block, contact Custom Lawn & Landscape. We provide lawn care and landscaping services to residents of Evansville, IN and beyond.

Our knowledgeable lawn care specialists will use effective lawn aeration methods to make your grass healthy and green. We'll break up the soil so that water, oxygen and nutrients can reach the roots of your grass. After the lawn aeration process is complete, your property will be noteworthy for its thick, lush grass.

3 signs you need to aerate your lawn

3 signs you need to aerate your lawn

You aren’t sure what’s wrong with your yard, but the grass isn’t looking good. The lawn care specialists at Custom Lawn & Landscape can transform your grass from thin to lush.
Lawn aeration can help if you notice the following three signs:

  1. Your lawn looks bare and patchy
  2. Puddles form after it rains
  3. Water runs off your lawn instead of soaking into it

For the ultimate test, you can take a screwdriver and stick it in your lawn. If you feel resistance, call us right away to aerate your yard.

Homeowners in Evansville, IN and the surrounding areas depend on our experienced professionals for lawn aeration services. You should, too. Call today to set up an appointment.